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Puppy Questionaire

The very best way to get in touch if you are interested in a puppy is to fill out this form and provide an email address for me to send info on my breeding program, any puppies available, etc. Please tell us more about the type of home you would be providing. Matching puppy personalities to potential homes is much more successful when I know the sort of activity level, children, other pets etc. present.

Puppies will be available to pet homes with limited AKC registration and on a spay/neuter contract. If you don't hear back from me promptly, please email me since occasionally the form does not come through.

I DO NOT place puppies with unlimited/full AKC registration unless you are already involved in showing/exhibiting in AKC events and then only do so as a co-ownership. Each situation would be evaluated on a case by case basis.

We will not ship our puppies. We must meet and evaluate prospective buyers in person. We feel confident that the type of people we want for our precious puppies will understand this and agree. Thanks!


Your address: Number and Street?*

City and State?*

Email Address*

Do you own or rent your residence?*

Do you have a secure fenced yard?*

If not, what means of keeping your cavalier safe outside do you plan to use?*

What is your gender/color preference?

Please list ages of children in the family.

Do you currently own or have you owned a Cavalier? If so, what is their age and gender and where did you acquire your cavalier?

Please tell me about your family dynamic. Puppy personalities are as varied as children and a good fit relies on matching a pup to the right family. Busy, boisterous family? Travel with your pet? Frequent company? Quiet couch potato family? Cavaliers do great with any type family, but not every cavalier is right for every type. *

Do you own any other pets? If so, please elaborate on them here. If you have other dogs, please provide gender, breed and age.*

How long would your Cavalier be left alone?*

Where will your Cavalier spend most of its time?*

Will there be someone with the puppy during the day?*

Where will the puppy sleep at night?*

Do you plan to crate train the puppy when its not supervised?*

Who in your family will be the primary care giver for your Cavalier?*

What Veterinarian do you/will you use: Vet's Name, Clinic Name, Address, and Phone Number?*

Will you take your Cavalier to training classes?*

How soon do you hope to adopt a Cavalier?*

Please provide any additional information you feel is helpful.

Please tell us what led you to Battlefield Cavaliers.

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