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Battlefield Cavaliers actively supports rescue with our dollars and our efforts.

You may find that a puppy is not the best fit for your family, or you may feel called to offer a loving home to a rescue cavalier. There are a number of reputable rescues, several listed here:

The ACKCSC Rescue Trust

Cavalier Rescue USA

Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue

Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue

Cavalier Rescue of Florida

There are a number of other rescues as well and a search on Petfinder or even google can help you find them. Adopting through rescue can be lengthy and you shouldn't think it will be a quick or simple process. Something worth having seldom is. If you don't see a dog available in your area or that touches you, I recommend you fill out an application and contact the rescue anyway as often dogs are not listed on their websites.

Dogs come into rescue for a variety of reasons. Elderly owners sadly go into assisted living and must re-home their beloved pets. The economy has left not only families, but their dogs homeless as well. Horrible puppy mills surrender their "used up" breeding stock or they are rescued from these horrific lives. It can be very rewarding to bring a cavalier like this into your home and help them learn the love they've been deprived. While these brave rescue cavaliers are remarkably resilient, ones who have endured difficult lives can often never fully overcome their pasts. Adopters must be willing to help these dogs heal as much as possible while accepting the sad fact that they may in ways be forever scarred. All reputable rescues have fully vetted their fosters so they come to you spayed/neutered and up to date on shots, worming and dental care. Usually any health issues are known so there are few surprises. They have spent time in foster care so their personalities and nuances are well known. This helps assure the best match between each dog and their adoptive family.

Please watch the video below of the beautiful Ella Grace, a puppy mill mama survivor rescued by Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue. I hope this video does two things. I hope it makes viewers aware of just how terrible life is for puppy mill dogs thereby reducing the demand for puppies purchased from online sellers who are really just fancy fronts for commercial breeders and pet stores (who get their pups from places like where Ella Grace suffered for 8 years), and I hope it makes a case for rescue dogs everywhere.

All of the rescues are in great need of foster homes. Their entire system relies on foster homes to save these dogs. Without foster families, these dogs have nowhere to go. If you feel you could foster, please contact the rescues via their websites and fill out a foster/volunteer application.

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